Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Pink parchament soaps review





I was delighted to receive these four huge sized beauties whipped in to delicious smelling cold process soaps in the mail. They are generously weighed at between 3.1 and 3.7 oz. They are a pleasure to use in the bath, very soft and creamy just like they look like they will. I love the fact that these soaps have a wow factor, each and every person including kids and adults wanted a bar of of their own after the initial reaction of smile-at-sight.
My sister demanded a raspberry parfait bar immediately for her new bath in her apartment in NYC and has it in her soap basket as it goes with her ultra cute decor.

With the holiday season upon us I would say that these soaps would be a perfect way to make someone a happy with a gift box filled with these delicious and beautiful soaps. The team of mother and two daughters from Michigan makes soaps using Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut oil, Infused Olive Oil, and are great to deal with.

The pink grapefruit is a fresh and juicy soap, which has a unisex fresh scent, looks amazingly girly but is a pretty fresh soap. great for those sweaty days in summer or a winter shower after getting those icky layers of clothing off.
The key lime is a great crispy wake me up scent, great for both summer and fall.
If you like sun ripened berry scent then Raspberry parfait is the soap for you.
Cream sickle smells like a orange ice cream bar and is a favorite with kids and moms alike.
The soaps which seems to be new scents for the season and are a next on my list to try are Lemon candy (yummy), spicy chai tea, iced gingerbread,chocoholic, Peppermint(oh those rough mornings will be history with this)Vanilla sugar and she also offers 8 full bars for $32.00 and 3 full bars for 12.00 which are great ways to try her products. Also keep an eye on the etsy sales posted on my blog and on the etsy forums for her sales and specials.


Anonymous said...

Those soaps are making me hungry for dessert! And they are so pretty too.

Justlikehoney! said...

Hi Teresa! your package is in the mail, sorry for the delay as I was out of town due to an emergency. Always glad to see you here:)

Justlikehoney! said...

And these soaps are lovely and smell so good!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! No problem about the soaps. I'm happy to get them anytime and thanks again!

Anonymous said...

p.s. Hope everything is ok now for you!

Justlikehoney! said...

Thank you things are much under control now. I am not good at handeling stressful situations but once things calm down I try to get all things ignored, get done lightening fast. Thanks for asking:)