Friday, September 5, 2008

Dreamers web soaps review (etsy seller)

Dreamers web is a etsy shop owned by a Full time mother, Full time Accounting student and a Full time Crafter of these beautiful favour soaps. I recived the thank you 1 oz favor soaps in six scents sweet pea, cucumber melon, clean cotton,rain scent mistletoe and apple scent, they are all highly scented and very pretty to look at, I plan to send these thank you soaps to some guests along with the tank you notes after my party. I like the fact that these soaps are glycerin and cleans nice and she uses all scents which most people are famaliar with and nothing too complictaed and rare as these soaps are mostly for favors.

she offers many soaps that are wonderful for baby shower favors & birthday party favors like the mini soaps which includes teddybears, ducks, hearts, sleeping babies and even the larger animal shapes like the playful elephant or sleeping puppy. She offers 20 1 oz thank you soaps in custom scents for 14.99. 36 seasame street like soaps for 14.99 it is a set of 12 favors with 3 soaps each. 1" Glycerin Soaps in Character Shapes that are similar to Sesame Street Characters with Elmo-like soap, Cookie Monster-like soap, and Oscar the Grouch-like soap. They are handpoured and colored to match the character with a cotton candy scent. Each favor contains 3 soaps that are packaged in a tiny cellophane bag and tied with a yellow curling ribbon. 24 2" Glycerin Soaps in Heart Shapes. They are Wedding Day Scent and colored all white unless otherwise requested. They are packaged two per bag giving a total of 12 favors with two soaps each for 7.99. So you can get wonderful favors without the headache for a great price and great presentation!.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine being more than one full-time anything (and dabbling in everything else). Her soaps are sweet, and really perfect for party favors!

Justlikehoney! said...

I recieved some to try and they are also perfect for kids, as they fit thier tiny hands i/o huge bars and are fun and easy to use.

DreamersWeb said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! I am pleased to know that you enjoyed the soaps I sent to you!
I am happy to customize any of my soaps and enjoy the freedom that my soaping gives me. Somedays I can't imagine being a full-time anything either, but I make it work!

Justlikehoney! said...

I loved your soaps and I love the fact that there is so much variety and prices are great. I have a baby shower planned in october and I will love to make a order:). Thanks for giving me a chance to try them:)