Friday, May 20, 2011

Bond no 9 Body silk review

I received a press package recently from bond no 9 to review their body silk and two samples of their Madison square park perfume. I took a picture of how cutely it all came packaged like a bonbon. Bonbons are now synonymous with Bond no 9 and are equally visually appealing to people from eight to eighty


First of all I loved, loved, loved the way these body silks feel on my skin, they are like just a bit of Lush, beautiful, little chunk of heaven melted on your skin and I also noticed that the perfumes I have tried before and did not really cared for seemed very pleasant indeed when I used them in form of these luxurious thick and silky body cream, So if a particular scent does not go with your chemistry , you can still give it a second chance ina body cream.
It has top notes of impossibly gorgeous grape Hyacinth, tart Huckleberry and Prairie drop seed grass.
Middle notes of rather posh red leaf rose, Subtly scented Red hunter tulips followed by warm Teak wood. On my skin I get a crisp, fresh and just a hint of a green fruity scent, very clean, very summery, Made for my vanity:) I know I will be wearing this whole summer long I just haven't decided weather in a body silk or in a perfume. The body silk is just as strong as the perfume if not more. Also available in a candle

200ml for $130.00

This is one of the scents which I did not get bowled over by in the perfume form but I loved how the body silk melted on my skin and scented it so beautifully.

It has notes of Neroli, white lily, Gardenia and the unmistakable subtle hints of musk. The blend of all these notes gives me the feel like I am sniffing a slice of fresh, green, flowery, rain soaked meadow. I don't know if I will buy it full size but I will definitely be enjoying my sample a LOT!
200ml for $115.00

Chinatown....OH Chinatown...How can I ever express my love for you?
this is the first BOND I ever sniffed and it was instant lust at first whiff. It makes me nostalgic and reminiscent of my years in my home country, of all the impossibly sunny, warm and bright mornings.

The summer mornings which holds a lot of promise, radiating warmth and energy to all those who are fortunate enough to experience it. It reminds me of warm happy times, when all I used to worry about was how to get up early in the morning after being up all night....come to think of it, this is all what I worry about now too, I am just so not a morning person.

Whenever I had to get up early in my college days, I was this grouchy, mean monster of a person which used to somehow go back in it's shell as the day subsided. But whenever I get a whiff of Chinatown, all the past bleary eyed and heavy headed, close lidded mornings vanish and there is a rosy veil spread all over them and all I remember are the sunny, bursting with happiness and radiating with energy, bright, orange mornings just like they should be.

OK my analogy of Chinatown is over and now moving over to the technicalities of the blend. Notes of Mouth watering Peach blossom, tuberose, Patchouli (I did not know I liked Patchouli in fragrances but I am kind of addicted to this heady note in fragrances now) and subtle hints of cardamom.

200ml for$115.00


The scent of peace has a cult following of it's own but then again not a scent I am too impressed by in the perfume form. It smells gorgeous in the bottle but when I spray on my skin it becomes kind of plastick-y, like I am sniffing a empty water bottle
The body silk again is a huge improvement with my body chemistry but I am still getting the subtle plastic now and then, I know for a fact that it is the black currant note which is playing this trick on me weirdly and sadly it always does. For those with whose chemistry it goes well with, would LOVE this cream. Notes of the above mentioned black current, cedar wood, Grapefruit and lily of the valley.

200 ml for $115.00


If china town brings out the memories of happy mornings to me Nuits de noho brings out, well you guessed it........the beautiful dark nights, wrapped in mystery and hushed promises. I have so many fans of this fragrance in my family that I can't even keep count. I have the 1.7 oz perfume and I will be getting the body silk for sure. Jasmine, creamy vanilla and sheer patchouli has that blow your socks off effect. Truly a fragrance to enjoy in leisure.

While I am writing this review it is 2.00 A.M like I mentioned I am so not a morning person I am a night bird ...I fly by night and right now I just want to land in my crisp, cool bed while I am all all richly scented with these scrumptious body silks, in the morning my white crisp cotton sheets are going to smell like heaven for sure.

The BOND no 9 is having refill event, which is a great way to stock up on your faves and I also personally think that it is a great deal. You get a huge 3.3 oz refill, which is actually a regular bottle just w/o a cap since it is a refill, you have to buy two products and has a few exclusions. I have ordered before on the phone from their store especially if you are not able to go to the store. They are very friendly and accommodating despite the chaos going around in the store during the refill event. You can read the details here.

Needless to say that I love this brand which was launched as a homage to New York city. The brand is just as unique as the city it depicts. I am just as much intrigued, fascinated and excited about the BOND NO 9 collection as I am by this wonderful, thrilling city which embraces us all regardless of who we are and where we are coming from.