Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Can-do-candles Tart review

I ordered a ton of tarts from Can-do-candles last weekend when she had a 20% off sale. Right now I am really on tart trip, making buying and of course eating too. I bought around 17 of them and received around four more FREE!. Plus I really liked Donna's customer service and her speed of delivery.
The scents I ordered were all foody, in honor of colder weather ahead.These are all reviews based on cold sniff as I am going to wait for Fall to use these scents. I am still sweating here and using up my warm weather tarts and candles.

Birdy's Baklava: A very nice scent of a little bit of puff pastry and leads of honey and syrup.( I bought two of these).

Tootsie Roll: exactly like the candy.

Aunt Becky's banana pudding: Very similar to banana cream pudding scent but stronger than other etailer tarts I have tried. nice smooth banana scent.

Cinnamon Latte: OMG perfect coffee scent with the sweetness of cinnamon. this would a real fun scent to burn in the cooler mornings. this is better than the Yankee cafe o lait straight strong coffee scent as this has a sugary hint which I love.

Applesauce cake: Lots of spice and very slight hint of apple, no cake scent on cold sniff, hope to get some foody notes once I burn it, which would have to be a very , freezing cold day, too strong for mild weather.

Twinkies: Hmmm very sweet cake, just like the one sin our grocery isles. I am glad I ordered this.

Lemon Bars: tangy, festive lemons mixed baked vanilla batter. Perfect!

Pumpkin Bread pudding: Lots of pumpkin and lots of fresh baked bread scent almost no pudding scent on cold sniff, but that is mostly such a mild note to even detect. nice pleasant scent.

Cream puffs: nice sweet scent.

Fairy garden: now this is scent for a garden party indeed! very floral and pretty.
Fruit loops: burn this and have some cold milk along side as this is exactly like the cereal, just smells much better and stronger

Pink sugar cookies: If you like pink sugar you would fall instantly in love with this, I know I did.

Aunt Carol's crumb cake: nice foody scent

Pity pats pound cake: I wish I had ordered more of this heavenly cake scent.
Spice coffee cake: Very nice mix of coffe and cake. Exactly what I wanted
Lessie's Haunted house: A very nice and surprising scent. just like Halloween itself!

These are the four free tarts I got:

Cherry chip cake: I am so glad she included this, I would have never ordered this myself as I thought it would be a plasticky cherries scent but instead I was surprised to smell a scent mixed with juicy cherries and fresh cake. very nice tart, my new fave.

Starbucks: Wow! straight up strong coffee, for those mornings after a hardy party night.
Bread puddin: spicy! exactly like the original. gift this someone for thanksgiving day or burn it on your thanksgiving dinner table for perfect ambiance.

secret recipe: Uhhh it smells like zucchini, in the nicest way possible! burn it when you want to fool people in to thinking you are cooking!

All in all a very nice order from a very nice lady. I am very happy with the whole experience.


Sarah said...

Wow, those scents sound amazing.

I think I'd love the Tootsie Roll tart, but DH probably wouldn't be too happy with me.

Anonymous said...

Mm, mm, mm! You can't go wrong smelling like food in my opinion. ;)

Marya said...

Nice review, this is like a one stop shop for me. Before i order anything i come here to check out your blog. Really coool

Justlikehoney! said...

Sarah, why won't he like it? doesn't he like tootsie roll? in that case he'll hate that.
Teresa the tarts are all foody as I LOVE to burn foody in winter and fall.
Marya:) thanks for stopping by You are a sweetheart!

Donna said...

Thank you so much for your awesome review! You have wonderful way with words. =o)
You're absolutlety right about the zuchinni bread. I renamed it because a lot of people would wrinkle their noses just at the thought of zuchinni. lol
Thanks again and hope you enjoy your goodies. =o)
Love your blog!

Justlikehoney! said...

Thank You Donna!
I love discovering and ordering from new places to me. It was a delight recieving your products, not a single miss!.