Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Manor Hall Soap company 'Box full of goodies' Review.

I had a really, really crappy day yesterday (I seem to be having a lot of those lately) and then I received a beautiful generous fall sampler package from My favorite soap company, The manor hall soap company, and life seemed a lot better all of a sudden, Lol. See the thing is I am greedy for all things beauty and that a box full of fragrant soaps from my fave soapmeker is like a bottle of Tylenol for me, it is an absolute pain killer. And this box was soaps and much, much more. A bathaholic's dream come true indeed.

They had included full size ( 4.5 oz) bars of 'Almost sunset', Choccy Orange Kerfuffle', 'Spearmint Grapefruit' and 'Hardy Har Harvest' soap. Facial cleansing grains in Almonds & Honey (4 oz jar - net wt 2.5 oz), Natural Face Mask - Yogurt & Green Clay 4 oz jar (net wt 2 oz),Natural Complexion Bar Carrot & Fennel Seed - 3.5 oz, a Exfoliating Soap Pouch which can be bought in their web store for $4.35 and a beautiful, adorable and very handy Complexion Brush which is also available on their website under accessories for $3.85 each.

The first thing I grabbed from the box was the facial skin care products, I have heard so many good things about the company's facial grains and natural mask that I was dying to use them. I used them according the directions given on the jar and bottle.

Almonds & Honey facial grains:

The Almonds & Honey is Suitable for all skin types, You have to mix it with a little water on your palm and rub gently all over your face, it turnd out to be a pretty scrubby exfoliater and I really enjoyed using it. Personally I would use it once a week as a scrub and once a week as a mask, as I have sensitive skin. The after glow was amazing! The combination of oatmeal, botanical and honey powder seemed to work their magic right away
Great thing about this scrub? it does a double duty of a fresh mask for that at home facial. According to the website Spring water, or green tea can be used. A little honey in warm water is extra softening. Milk, yogurt, and even mashed strawberries with cream are just a few ideas to get you started. Also pureed cucumber is recommended for summer! doesn't that sound heavenly?

Yogurt and green clay mask:

Following the scrub I used the Yogurt and green clay mask. This mask is to be used as a paste but it comes in powder form, you have mix a teaspoon with water to make it applicable. I believe strongly in the cleansing and cooling qualities of clay, this mask is made with yogurt and green clay,
It helps to tighten fine lines and wrinkles, also working to refine pores. Lactic acid loosens the dead cells on the surface of the skin, helping to moisturize. French Green clay, rich in plant minerals, stimulates the circulation, bringing new blood to damaged cells. It revitalizes the complexion, cleansing and tightening pores. I used it and loved it! it left my face tight, radiant and soft! A really important ritual before a big night out.

Carrot and feenel complexion soap:

I used the carrot and fennel seed bar at night, I must it it sounds healthy doesn't it? the Fennel seed is soothing to mild irritation, and when finely ground, it cleanses gently, removing impurities to offer balance and tone and carrot is well, the healthiest thing around for every thing right? The carrot juice in it is used to help with tissue repair, cell regeneration, fine lines, and aging. I used it and I was expecting my face to feel very soft and soothed after first use, I found it luxurious and comforting and nourishing on my skin, I will be using this in the harsh winter and heating of NY. This bar surpasses my expectations. but I should not be surprised as a lot of people use their soap bars for body on their faces, because they leave their skin feeling so nourished and natural.


Choccy Orange Kerfuffle: This soap as the name suggest is made with with real cocoa bean powder, and spilling with sweet orange essential oil. We all crave chocolate in colder days and this the perfect soap to satisfy your urge without the calories. This soap is a must have and top of my list to buy as gifts for friends who cannot eat chocolate around Christmas time instead of a box of chocolates. It will be a perfect substitute.

Almost sunset: Sunsets are the favorite time of the day for me, I Love the way the sky bursts in a splash of colors when the two time meet. This time reminds of so many wonderful timies I have spent near the beach in my home town which I now rarely ever visit. This soap takes me back home and for me nothing can be more meaning full than that. Like all their other natural soaps this soap is also rich on creamy lather and very balanced with the fragrance blend. A beautiful blend of patchouli, ylang and lemongrass the trick in making this soap a beautiful bar of goodness.

Spearmint Grapefruit:
This soap is truly a masterpiece, I can smell it the most even all wrapped up. It is as fresh as a crisp cool winter rain and totally wakes up your senses in the shower. I used it in the morning and I was delighted to say the least with the effect I had after showering with this. You just have to use it once to become addicted. Also it would be a great bathing relief for people who suffer from acute or mild migraines like me.

Hardy Har Harvest:
I have not been able to actually use this soap in the shower but I have kept it for DH to use when he will be home I KNOW he will love it, it is such a wonderfully scented soap. SO took the liberty of taking the description straight from the site.
This deeply scented smoky soap bar is swirled with skin renewing black walnut powder, and was made to help you take on those harsh winter days.
It is infused with macadamia nut oil, a great skin toner and softener. Scented with a warming blend of essential oils including bay rum, its smell is reminiscent of sitting in front of a toasty winter fire.

To buy their outstanding products and experience great customer service please go to:



-Susan said...

Thanks for the review. Sounds like you got the box on just the right day for it. Glad it lifted you a little.

Justlikehoney! said...

Thank you! for letting me enjoy a little heaven in a box:). As always your products were top notch!

Anonymous said...

These products sound really terrific! I also like the nice packaging that has a splash of color.