Friday, July 25, 2008

A personal Post

Just wanted to post thanking everyone who made my Birthday wonderful!
A big thank you to My family and My sister!I love you!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A sweet surprsie and a beautiful soap : 'Cascadia' Sagegold soap review

Two days after I started this blog, I received a beautiful soap from Kerry from and a even more beautiful and sweet note from her. She had been telling me about this soap and I had it on the top list fro my next order, So naturally I was delighted to receive it. Unfortunately, Due to some personal setbacks I was unable to open and use this beauty immediately. Kerry had told me that she is pretty excited about this soap and I could tell why, it made me smile every time I saw it passing by my bath counter, it was placed in the most prominent place where I can see it all the time.
I was showing my soap collection to my sister in law today, She was raving about Kerry's soaps and her most favorite was Berry Berry(yay!) and Pineapple slices. She is planning a future order too and let me tell you she is NOT into soaps, but sage gold converted her, She is expecting her first baby and most of the fragrances (read all ) are a huge turnoff for her , but she was delighted by these bars and parted with two above mentioned soaps and cannot wait to use them!

We decided to open the cascadia to do a sniffing session before I take it to my shower. Boy was I in for a surprise! I was thinking cascadia is going to be a mellow soap which would be lightly scented , but we were both delighted with the strong scent (a plus for me) washing over us. Cascadia according to the website brings to mind cool evergreen forests, deep crystalline lakes and warm ocean breezes but I was taken back to happy, sunny memories of a very carefree summer. A very delightful fragrance for sure and a must order for me, Kerry better have it in stock when I Order next:). If 'Berry Berry' is a summer in a soap bar, 'Cascadia' is a Happy summer in a bar!.

Best part about Kerry's soaps are that the smell lingers for a very long time after using it. The soaps do not melt easily and creat a very nice lather, nothing too bubbly but a nice soft foam, cleans well. Skin is soft and lightly fragranced.

If you think I am being partial to sage gold, the truth is I am a little bit, I get excited by soap pretty quickly, but never has there been so many hits in a soap order, I appreciate good, honest customer service and attention to customer and above all a top notch product. Thank you Kerry for the wonderful products and your kindness in encouraging me to get this blog going.


So this is what I have put together for my Birthday/Blog inaugural give away. Two bars of my favorite soap Pineapple slices and Citrus linen, from sagegold soap, A Twinkle bath bomb from LUSH I bought for Christmas, I think it is a perfect bath bomb to celebrate and is scented with my favorite American cream fragrance, a handmade 'Fruit cupcake' wax tart and a Avon 'Tahitian holiday hair mist', A glittery pink note pad and some Manor Hall soap samplers (not pictured).
They will all be packaged in a cute, pretty bakery box. I have not decided on a drawing date but will update this post soon with a date, maybe on my birthday or by the end of this month. You can enter by just leaving a comment on this post and I will draw your name on the date the giveaway is closed and announce the winner on the blog!. So good luck and I hope to see a lot of entries for the little birthday giveaway.

P.S: I have also added a handmade cheesecake lipbalm (not pictured) to the giveaway. And please leave your email addy or bloglink, so it is easy for me to contact the winner.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Manor Hall soap

I ordered the most beautiful 'artisan soaps' I could find on the website along with some other bars that I will review later. This is a Springfield, Massachusetts based company owned and founded by Susan Mann. Their soap bars are handmade from scratch using the cold kettle method, which helps in creating moisturising soaps. Made with cold-pressed oils and exotic butters, pure essential plant oils are added for their fresh, clean scents and aromatherapy benefits. since they are a vegetarian company, they don't add any colorants so the soaps have natural color, from ingredients like herbs, clays and botanical extracts.

The artisan soaps are even richer in moisturizing oils than their classic recipe. Hand poured and individually cut, each bar is an expression all of its own.
Organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil and extra virgin olive oil infused with lavender or red rose are one of the main ingredients.

Each bar is perfumed with pure essential oils, sprinkled with beautiful botanicals and packaged in a white glossy box, perfect for gift giving. I personally really liked them, they smell soft and beautiful, just the way they look and came with more herbs than you can see in my picture as I got some off while taking them. The soaps are soft and very moisturising to use and one slice lasts a good number of bath and showers if stored properly.

What you get in this package is Sampler Slices in Lavender & Rose, Lavender, and Lavender & Oatmeal. You can buy them for a price of $5.35 each, and has a good amount of 5 oz soap in the box.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sage gold soap reviews PART 1: Still waters, Berry Berry, My Darling.

These soaps are My current favorite right now. They are very fairly priced and have a very generous size of 4 1/2 to over 5 ounces generally. They are made with luxurious Vegetable Oils, Exotic Shea and Cocoa Butters and cruelty-free Tussah Silk. The owner Kerry Biglin is a delight to deal with, is very friendly, ships really fast and above all offer fabulous soap!. Her site also offers lotion and other bath goodies but I have just ordered and used soap.
My most favorite one right now is the one which I don't even use myself, it is the still waters soap which is a 'cool water type'. A very nice crisp huge bar of soap, which I ordered for fathers day gift baskets after I had received a sample of it in my prior order and DH gave it his seal of approval, which a miracle in itself, plus these soaps lasts and lasts. My personal favorite is the 'Berry Berry soap', I cannot say enough about this soap! I hope she never stops making it so I can never stop buying it, it is made with the summer fling FO and like all of her soaps smell very strong with smell notes of sun ripened strawberry, a juicy bar of summer in a soap:).
'MY darling' is another sweet smelling soap fragranced to the nines with ' victoria secret love spell type' FO. I played it safe by ordering the ones I actually had a idea of how they would smell, because fragrances in soaps can be very tricky, even if you have a fair idea of fragrance oils. I was very happy with this soap, it has the sweet smell of Love spell but is not as cloying as somtimes the original can be.

Be on the lookout for more Sagegold reviews coming very soon.(as soon as I am able to get more pictures and use some more bars).

Kerry also sends a generous amount of soap samples all professionally wrapped and sealed, and they are not scraps or She doesn't charge you for these, I requested the ones which Intrigued me, but was hesitant to order before smelling, She sent me ALL of those! so you can enjoy a lot of good baths just by these samples and have a good idea what to reorder next. What more can you really ask for?. In short she does everything to make it a very pleasant experience for you. Hmmm... how about I treat myself to a small order for My birthday so I can review many of her soaps right?

My Birthday and My blog and a giveaway:)

Photo © Sagegold Soaps. Used with permission

This is my first attempt at blogging, I am obsessed with bath and body products and sometimes, it gets so bad that it drives people close to me mad. So I decided to start a blog about it, What better way to talk about them, right?.This is going to be my safe haven to talk about all the scrubs, sopas, candles, body creams and washes in my life. Plus it is my birthday month and I will be celebrating it by giving a gift to you guys!. I am going to think about what to put together and also by seeing how many people visit my blog, so lets see how it goes I will be announcing a giveaway in a few days, it just makes me happy to think about it, i just want to share the joy with everyone! Happy reading and I hope I will be able to give honest reviews and be able to explain them in a manner which is helpful and fun and informative:)