Monday, July 14, 2008

The Manor Hall soap

I ordered the most beautiful 'artisan soaps' I could find on the website along with some other bars that I will review later. This is a Springfield, Massachusetts based company owned and founded by Susan Mann. Their soap bars are handmade from scratch using the cold kettle method, which helps in creating moisturising soaps. Made with cold-pressed oils and exotic butters, pure essential plant oils are added for their fresh, clean scents and aromatherapy benefits. since they are a vegetarian company, they don't add any colorants so the soaps have natural color, from ingredients like herbs, clays and botanical extracts.

The artisan soaps are even richer in moisturizing oils than their classic recipe. Hand poured and individually cut, each bar is an expression all of its own.
Organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil and extra virgin olive oil infused with lavender or red rose are one of the main ingredients.

Each bar is perfumed with pure essential oils, sprinkled with beautiful botanicals and packaged in a white glossy box, perfect for gift giving. I personally really liked them, they smell soft and beautiful, just the way they look and came with more herbs than you can see in my picture as I got some off while taking them. The soaps are soft and very moisturising to use and one slice lasts a good number of bath and showers if stored properly.

What you get in this package is Sampler Slices in Lavender & Rose, Lavender, and Lavender & Oatmeal. You can buy them for a price of $5.35 each, and has a good amount of 5 oz soap in the box.


Marketing Managment -Group 4 said...

nicest bolg i have seen so far !

Justlikehoney! said...

Thank you very much:)