Friday, January 8, 2010

I am Bringing Soapy Back!!! --wyldeivy soaps review

OK! so I have been gone long enough and I received so many concerned and sweet emails and messages from all my readers, Thank you! and I apologize for not bieng able to respond. I will post details Why I was not posting, Much has changed in this past year, I became a mom once again and this time, a mom to a wonderful, beautiful and amazing little baby girl!!!
My whole family especially my Older son are way beyond excited. My home is now a big bubble of baby pink and all things girly and nice. I am having a ball being a Mommy of the sweetest little girl in the world. The bakauguns and ben tens are now being slowly balanced with Pretty tea sets and frilly frocks and they co exist happily.
The reason I have not been posting was simple, I was really not in a position to sniff my beloved bath and body products:(. I was sticking to lighter stuff and stuff I was already familiar with. Now that my baby girl is 2 months old, and we all are settled with the new changes, I am back to my beloved hobby and I am itching to write about all the things I love.
One of the last orders I made were from my favorite etailer Ashlee owner of And to be fair to her, I stayed away from reviewing her stuff because it would have been not fair enough and I saved all the soaps to use for later when I would be able to really enjoy them. My husband is actually the one who took the initiative and finally unwrapped one beautiful bar after another. It is such a joy to just look at these beautiful handcrafted soaps. They look like big solid bars of happiness in a muslin bag!. All wrapped individually and with their own unique fragrance. One great thing that is admired by a lot of her customers is that Ashlee, does not use duplicates of brand name fragrances. Instead she mixes her own unique blends.

The first soap I used was her Blackberry cotton candy soap. Like the name says it is a berry scent blended lightly with the scent of cotton candy. it comes all swirly in pink and lilac color. It is a fun fair cooked and solidified in a soap bar! I really ahd fun using this.

Next is the Summer fling soap. Oh! how I LOVE this soap! it is the reason I switched to cold process soaps in the first place. it smells so divine....of peaches, raspberry and it is simply a big huge sunny shiny, summer in a soap, lets just leave it at that or I will keep going on and on about this one.

Voiletta and the black tea and jasmine soaps are the kind of soap that should be the focal point of your bath vanity. They each are topped with voilet petals and herbal teas. I would suggest if you decide to gift these soaps ( why would you want to?) wrap them in a clear box and a silver ribbon and every one would wish they were on your gift list. They smell great and they look so pretty , you really don't want to use them and dissolve thier beauty:)

Lime margarita deli soap is a great bar soap for all the people who love 'FRESH' lemon sugar scent or the Philosophy senorita margarita fragrance. It is just that great combination of coconut and lemon, simply beautiful and a great must for hot, sweaty days.
Lemon-tine is from her Deli soaps just like the lime margarita deli soap, very beautiful and refreshing, a very zesty lemon scent.

The wyldeivy soaps Do not melt easliy even if placed directly under water for a long time (trust me I know first hand) which can happen a lot if you have men in your home as they cannot be bothered about storing soaps in dry, dark soap cases.
Unlike a lot of soaps Including the LUSH soaps, which melt literally in minutes. So you can get a lot of baths out of one bar.
All of her soaps are approximately 3.5 to 4.5 ounces and consists of
Saponified Olive Oil,Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Cocoa Butter; Aloe Vera, Fragrance Oils mainly. Priced between $5.00 to $6.00 are very reasonably priced. she has wonderful sales often and watch out my blog to announce her next sale!.
I am glad that I restarted my blog with wyldeivy soap reviews, She also offers body lotions, perfumes and jewellery etc, but I can only review the soaps as they are the only items I have tried yet. Writing this review has made me want to place another soap order from her:). I'll go check her website and I suggest you do that too, while I plan my order with her next sale.

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Marya said...

I love reading your reviews, they are so detailed. They really help me plan my next order. Congrats on the new baby!!!!!